BRYCE is a dance-pop singer-songwriter based in Washington, DC. With his brand of magentic and provocative live performance, Bryce is ready to bring uncensored, unfiltered LGBTQ+ narratives to the pop music forefront.

Bryce blends late 2000s electropop with astute and wry lyricism. His debut single "Masc" satirizes toxic masculinity and internalized homophobia over an explosive, pulsing production. Whether he is examining society’s wrongs or reminiscing about the intimate vulnerabilities of past relationships, Bryce is steadfast in his mission to deliver unabashedly gay pop music.

Pulling inspiration from pop legends like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, Bryce's live performances combine his infectious melodies with high-octane spectacle. From his critically praised show BRYCE: Hydrogen Blonde (Capital Fringe 2016) to Pittsburgh’s 2019 PrideFest, Bryce brings the house down with tight choreography, sexy dancers, and dazzling lights.